Peaches are a fruit native to China, but cultivated in almost all the countries with a cool climate. They have an outer skin that is reddish-orange in color, while the flesh is either white or yellow.

Red Haven

This is the first variety of the season for us, coming ripe late-July. Truly a favorite for it's high sugar content and beautiful color. Great in desserts, jams, or over ice cream. This is a clingstone.


This variety is the favorite among the canners. Peels scalding required and they're also freestone. Sweet and medium in size. These are of a softer texture and very juicy. Their skin color is more yellow than red and come ripe in mid-August.

Out of the thousands of varieties of peaches, each can be classified as a clingstone (flesh clings to the pit) or a freestone (pit is easily removed from the flesh) or semi-freestone (a hybrid of the two).


The Vivid has a great reputation as the Perfect Peach in our family. Large in size, very sweet, and juicy. When you're not eating simply want to admire them! They're freestone and come ripe early Aug.

Star Fire

Our newest variety to reach Grossen Peaches is the Star Fire peach. This variety is consisten heavy producer and natural large in size. The Star Fire peach is known for its bright red color and sweet taste. These tend ripen 5-7 days after the Red Haven variety.


The flesh of a Harken peach is yellow, very sweet and resistant to browning.  Harkens bear a regular crop of freestone peaches suitable for canning and other uses.  However, their favorite use is often eating it right from the tree!  For optimal storage, pick fruit before it is table ripe. 

The Harken Peach Tree is admired almost as much for its beauty and fragrant blossoms as it is for its fruit. The delicate peach blossoms appear in late winter/early spring along the subtle grey branches, even before the leaves emerge. 



Canadian Harmony

Large, round, yellow fruit covered with a red blush on the outside; firm, yellow, freestone flesh on the inside. Flesh is slow to brown, so it’s good for salads. Also freezes well. The tree is vigorous, upright growing and hardy. Fruit ripens shortly after Redhaven in mid-to-late August.