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Easy to find...not too far of a drive .... friendly people and great peaches...What more could you ask for!! Great local peaches.​

- Christine 
Took my family to pick peaches for the very first time, what an amazing experience! The staff was super friendly and helpful to me and my kids! We had so much fun!!!

- Tonya
I just want to say that the staff at Grossens is the BEST! ! I took my granddaughter picking earlier in the month and got too hot. They sat me down in the shade, gave me water, fetched my car, and loaded up my peaches.....all with smiles!!

​- Billie

Beautiful property. Grossen Peaches is a u-pick farm in Helvetia. I used to live just around the corner from this place. 
However, I was recently here for a wedding. The venue is excellent. The ceremony was placed near a small man made lake with gazing views of the property. 

As for the reception, we were whisked away towards the barn headed up hill where multiple tables were placed. It certainly had a country feel. The weather could not have been more perfect. The farm dog "Buddy" was wandering and was certainly friendly. 
Food was set up in the barn itself. A stand-up bar, dance floor, and assorted tables were set up everywhere. The view was grand and made for a wonderful evening.

- Valerie
Grossen Peaches is a u-pick peach farm just outside of Hillsboro. What I like about it the most is ease of the entire experience from the travel to get there, to the travel back with my load of peaches. 

Other AWESOME things include: 

1. A great variety of peaches available.
2. Very accurate and easy to determine which peaches you can pick when on their website. 
3. The website is loaded with information on each of the peach kinds available and how to pick for the novice picker. 

The trip may also give you a little deja-vu if you were a fan of "Little People, Big World" because it does drive you just a little farther down the road from the Roloff Farm. 

If you love peaches, this is where to go!​

- J.A.
My son and I loved Grossen Peaches! Very friendly and helpful staff! We will be coming back for more and recommending Grossen to friends and family. Thank you!

​- Shelby 
​Dear Grossen Family,

Our family just returned from our summer vacation through the west coast, through Oregon which included a stop at your peach orchard. I saw on your website that you welcome feedback about customer's experiences, so I'm taking a few moments to do just that.

It was WONDERFUL!! Keep up the great work. The peaches are delicious. We had a chance to read your website before stopping in on your farm and your website was very helpful and insightful.

I also wanted to give special acknowledgement to the young man who waited on us, I believe he was your son. In these times when there is so much negative examples of youth and teenagers - especially teen boys (in my experiences anyhow), it is so refreshing and hopeful to see a teenager such as he. He was charming, respectful, polite and helpful. Wishing you all the best and thank you again for the wonderful peaches and helpful website.

- Cindy M.
Wonderful local farm. Can't wait for the peach season every year. Mmmmm… ​

- Danielle 
Such a beautiful place to bring the family for some peach picking. Great location and staff! It's great to be able to get away from the city and enjoy some peaceful country.

- ​Justin 
Your peaches were perfect! We not only have several jammed and canned, but have eaten five a day, each and are sad to be almost out! If you have a mailing list for the rest of the harvest and for next year, please add us! We would hate to miss the opportunity to enjoy your peaches. Thank you,

- Amy
Thank you so much for the yummy peaches. It took me 3 days to put them all in the freezer but we have enjoyed peach cobbler, peach jam, peach syrup, peach smoothies and peach ice cream. We have all been eating peaches every day. You have a beautiful home and orchard. Thanks again for letting us come and get the very best peaches.

- Cindy K.
My neighbor PJ brought me 8 peaches from your farm on Thursday. I've eaten them all and am DYING for more!! Please let me know when your next batch is ready - I guess I'm looking for cling-free as I'd like to can a bunch. Thanks!

- Laura
Great peaches wonderful family my dad is 101 and loves coming to your farm
- Annalee Schneider

Our 2nd time here and loved our experiences here! Delicious peaches and friendly people; look forward to our next trip. J
- Chelsea

Had a lovely time today, thank you for being so friendly & helpful! I'll be back for more!!
- Kristen