Suggestions for Freezing Peaches:

The "Oh, My Gosh That Was Too Easy" Way....

This works well if you just want to eat a small number of peaches at a time.

1. Place ripe, whole peaches in a gallon sized freezer bag. No need to wash them first. Place in freezer. (I know…sounds odd but stick with me :)

2. When you are craving a “fresh” peach, remove the desired number of peaches from the bag and simply run cold water over the frozen peach. The skins slip right off. (seriously….they do!)

3. Slice peaches right off the pit to use as you desire for cereal, toppings, ice cream ect…. If you don’t like your peaches cold, heat in the microwave before you slice it from the pit. They slice off the pit easier tho when frozen.

I was really skeptical of this method when I first heard about it from a peach customer, so I tried freezing just one peach first. It works great!

The O.J. and Freezer Bag Way.....

Peaches turn brown quickly when exposed to air. The orange juice works as a preservative to help keep their peachy color. I used the OJ and thawed peaches together for smoothies too.

1. Slice peaches and place in desired freezer bag sizes.

2. Cover completely with prepared Orange Juice and seal. (I place bag in a coffee can or similar container to hold bag upright)

3. Store bags in freezer until needed.

4. Thaw and drain juice when ready to consume.