Questions We Hear A Lot....

How Many Pounds of Peaches per Quart When Canning?

On average you'd need about 2-3 pounds of peaches per quart (allowing for the ones you eat while processing). Most seasons, 2 peaches equals a pound. 1 pound peaches = 2-3/4 to 3 cups sliced

How Long Does The Season Last?

With the varieties we grow, our season is from late July through August, although some seasons have gone as late as September.

Do You Spray Your Peaches?

Yes...keeping little pests, mold and diseases from devouring the crop is essential to growing nice pretty peaches. The general public likes nice pretty peaches! Most of the spraying is completed while the peach is still in it's "bud" stage.

Will I Need A Ladder?

The trees are cropped down every year to encourage lower growing branches making the peaches easily accessible to everyone. No ladders are necessary.

Is That A Golf Course?

Technically? No....but many years ago, we transformed our property into a private training grounds for our two boys when they took an interest in competitive golfing for the OGA. The Driving Range parallels the West Orchard and surrounding areas include a Water Hazard, Bunker and Putting Greens. Not to worry...practices are never conducted during business hours. :)